Our advices in case of storms

What to do in case of storm ?

Activities with risk :


1. It is better to avoid some outside activities 

Example:  fishing, swimming, boating, riding bicycle, golf, mountaineering, as well as electrical works, roof repair.
On a general way, all activity with exposition to direct lightning.

2. Take information before any outside activities to

  •  National Meteorology
  •  Meteorage


3.  It is imperative never to take shelter under a tree, especially if the tree is isolated or not part of only a small group of trees.
4. Be far to all metallical structures (towers, poles, wire fences), not to be a victim of electric shock to "touch voltage".

5. Never staying standing with one's legs apart when we are in a storm.

6. Avoid  shelter in a shed.

7. Without any devices of such as surge protective devices, it is recommended to disconnect all electrical system.





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