Cloud Whole of particles of water very thin, liquid or solid maintained in suspension in the atmopshere by vertical movement of the air.

Corona  effect  Whole ionization phenomenons linked to electrical field, to the proximity of a conductor or a tip.

Cumulo-nimbus Cloud of big dimensions with vertical development, dark aspect, which often creates a storm

Detector It is a technical mean (tool, substance, material) which changes in presence of element or situation for which it was specified. Additional functions can bring qualitative or quantitative precisions on the observed phenomenon.

Electrostatic discharges (DES or ESD) Discharge very fast of an electrified conductor in another one.

Flash short and very fast flash creating an electrical discharge inside a cloud, between two clouds or between cloud and ground during a storm.

Insulation Term of physic. State of an electrified body which is in relation only with non conductors objects in order to keep the electricity.
Keraunic level Average number of days in the year where the thunder is heard. In France, it is from 5 to 35, with an average of  25.

Lightning Aerial electrical discharge, with a significant light  (flash) and a violent detonation (thunder).

Lightning conductor Tool designed for protecting the buildings against Lightning direct effects.

Lightning Density  Number of impacts on the ground by year by Km2. In France, this number changes from 0,5 to 5.

Lightning risk Mean of localize  active stormy, from a MAC lead network.

Lightning Strike  simple or multiple lightning impact to the ground.

LRA Lightning Risk Analysis is a method used to identify the equipments and  installations where a protection should be necessary.

Overvoltage important variation with low duration of voltage.

Protection Whole of the measures taken to protect people and properties.

Storm Violent atmospherical perturbation, with flash and thunder, squalls, rain or hail-storm.

Storm Detector  Device able to estimate a storm risk before the approach of a lightning risk (AMEO340). refer to our Stormdetec.

Surge Protective Device Device designed for limiting transient overvoltage and for surging current wave.

Technical Study The technical study defines the protections to implement and precize the controles and maintenances to foresee according to NF C17-100, NF C17-102, UTE 154 43 lightning protection standards... .

Thunder Lightning noise, it means electrical discharge which the flash is the luminous sign.





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