Install the protections in compliance with standards and constraints of the  structure.

The environment code defines the ICPE such as "factories, workshops, warehouses, yards, and in a general way, the used or belong installations by all physical or moral persons, public or private, which can present danger or inconvenients, either for the neighbourhood,  health, safety, farming, environment protection, either for rational use of energy, conservation of sites and monuments, as well as archeological patrimony elements".

In order to minimize the installations risks, the law defines the procedures concerning the classified installations for environment protection.The dispositions of the environment code concerning ICPE are also applicable to quarries sites, according to L. 100-2 and L. 311-1 articles of mining code.


NF C 17-102, Lightning protection by ESE - January 2009

This standard describes the rules of installation of Early Streamer Emission (ESE), for the protection of structures and open areas against direct lightning strikes. It gives rules concerning conception, realization, checking and maintenance of installations done with Early Streamer Emissions.

DUVAL MESSIEN has its own installation team (no subcontrating)with a strong experience of twenty years, our teams are trained for all types of intervention (big height, dangerous environment, (ATEX.....)





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