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DUVAL MESSIEN's main objective is to  protect its customers against the risk of Lightning, while ensuring to provide the best techniques and materials available and in compliance with the requirements.
For the development of its products, in compliance with standards and regulations in force and to satisfy to the requirements of its national and international customers, DUVAL MESSIEN has established rigorous procedures under the supervision of recognized certifications.
To ensure continual improvement of our business and customer satisfaction, DUVAL MESSIEN fixed annual commitments and objective qualities.

DUVAL MESSIEN is ISO 9001 certified for 10 years.



Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Protection are important objectives of DUVAL MESSIEN. They are part of a  continuous improvement. This process of improving the Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Protection, is the logical complement of the quality approach in which the company is committed successfully. This process is based on a preventive approach and a commitment of the whole staff.

Risk prevention is a priority for the staff protection. It covers all activities related to protection against Lightning. It also answer to a growing expectation of customers concerned about the respect for their safety.

Prevention, permanent care are necessary  for safety staff.

The objectives of DUVAL MESSIEN are the Zero Accident, Zero professional disease and zero waste left on site, requiring a staff attention of each day in terms of attendance, discipline, hygiene, respect and perseverance.

To interfere safely and in accordance with the constraints of sensitive sites in which we operate, DUVAL MESSIEN joined the MASE and obtained the certification.
As part of our business, our mission is the recovery of radioactive lightning rods (PARADES) installed until 1987. We must dismantle of the lightning conductors in radium and americium (sealed sources),  put it in metal drums and stored in suitable accommodation pending collection and reprocessing by ANDRA. For this mission we have an authorization from the ASN (No. T130863).

To prevent risks to which conventional and radiological may be exposed staff  working with ionizing radiation, DUVAL MESSIEN has an organization allowing to respect  permanently safety  requirements for training, medical surveillance and the Exposure to such staff.


DUVAL MESSIEN develops products in compliance with specifications under controlled conditions and the environment. The materials developed and marketed by DUVAL MESSIEN, especially lightning conductors in SATELIT range were tested in France and abroad by certified and independent laboratories, according to standards in force.







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