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Close complementarity between  R & D and Production departments

DUVAL MESSIEN invested continuously in Research, creating new products against the risk of lightning strike. This investment is made in the various fields of protection against lightning as:
Prevention, with STORMDETEC ™, which is a type of lightning detectors 'field mill' among the best performing market.
Direct protection, thanks to lightning with Early Streamer Emission as SATELLIT ™ 3, the first ESE testable with remote control tester.
The evacuation of lightning currents, with TEREC +  TECHNOTER which reduces significantly the value of earthing and maintained in the time as low as possible.

These products implemented by DUVAL MESSIEN are designed and tested by our technical Research and Development. They are validated by the best mechanical and electrical laboratories in France and abroad.
All manufacturing is carried out by production sites DUVAL MESSIEN in Paris and Marseille area. DUVAL MESSIEN has a highly qualified staff. Strict control is performed on all our products in compliance with  the standards in force, both in France and in other countries, in accordance with ISO 9001. All the accessories required for installation (connectors, fixings, conductors, simple rods and earthing systems) are also manufactured and tested in accordance with these standards.
In order to comply the best with international and national markets, all products manufactured by DUVAL MESSIEN, including lightning rods in the "SATELLIT" range have been tested in high voltage test laboratories, as well as mechanical tests and corrosion resistance in accordance with standard NF C17-102.

The art of innovation is not natural. To have the product at the right time to comply with a real market demand, the necessary result of a process of "Research and Development" developed rigorously. Innovation is an essential investment to ensure the sustainability of product quality, service, brand and through them, the customer satisfaction.

During the years, technological innovation has become one of the foundress values of  DUVAL MESSIEN company attached to the development of safety equipment of high reliability, related to the physical phenomenon of lightning and the electrical energy.
Research and Development of new products ever more innovative in compliance with the standards and french and international requirements put DUVAL MESSIEN as one of the leader in the world in Lightning protection field.






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