The  story  of  Duval  Messien  shoes  that  the  length  of  service, Research and Innovation lead to excellence. For many years, our company has fought to be the best in its field and  in its service for customers.

1835 :  Paul Duval created his company to design, manufacture and sell flexible braided conductors. He was honoured at the Universal Exhibition of year 1900.

1927 : Georges Messien a brilliant engineer created his company, specialized in earthing systems, he was  noted  for  many  patented  innovations  in  electrical protection.

1989 : DUVAL MESSIEN opens the agency in Velaux (13). Present for several years, in petrochemistry activity field around "Etang de Berre" area, the company settles definitively to cover all activity fields in the south of the country.

1997 : in order to comply with a market in growth, DUVAL MESSIEN settles in China, creating a commercial unit. The company becomes then Leader in the asian market.

2000 : Obtaining of ISO 9001 certification. In the respect of the rules and standards, to satisfy the national and international customers, DUVAL MESSIEN establishes strict procedures under the control of famous certified companies.

2001 : to interfere in all safety and compliance with constraints in sensitive sites, DUVAL MESSIEN obtained MASE certification.

2003 :  DUVAL MESSIEN still Leader, creates satelit™3, first lightning conductor with remote control tester which opens the door to "intelligent "ESE. An electronical device checks at any moment the ESE operating.

2007 : STORMDETEC™commercialization. This tool allows to detect the storms and received patents in France and abroad.

2011 : New marketing tools for DUVAL MESSIEN. We propose you today a new website, new french, english and spanish leaflets.

DUVAL MESSIEN has also its FACEBOOK social network .





CANTON FAIR 2018 from 15 to 19th of October

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